Why are dental implants so expensive? The facts behind it

Dental Implants are one of the techniques in use widely for replacing your missing tooth; it’s the most effective method that results in teeth that are precisely similar to natural ones. The artificial teeth function similarly and are robust, durable, and long-lasting. However, despite ample benefits, few people don’t prefer it due to its high cost. So, why are dental implants so expensive? Is it the process, skills, or material requirements that add to their values? An implant is undoubtedly the best alternative to replace your missing tooth, but it comes with many added costs.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

The dental implant is a permanent solution; all others needs lots of fixing and regular dental visits. If we start looking at the advantages of a dental implant, the considerable cost amount seems just like a drop in the ocean. There are many factors responsible for it being expensive; let’s look at each one by one.

Use of material

During the procedure, the material in use is costly. It uses three parts screw, abutment, and crown. Most of it is custom made as per the patient’s requirements, and this part alone prices many dollars. The screw, also called the implant post, uses bio-compatible materials in preparation. Secondly, the abutment measurements have to be exact to fit precisely in the mouth, and so is the crown’s requirement. Besides, if the patient requires a bone graft before the implant, the cost will add up to the total amount.

Time duration and number of visits

The treatment is lengthy and might take months or even a year or two. This is another factor of dental implants being costly. Other methods like crowns and bridges only take a few sittings, while an implant can take more than ten appointments depending on the oral condition. Hence, with the cost of material, add in the charges of meetings during the period. Dental Implant is a complex process, and regular checkups are necessary to achieve productive results. The patient can expect regular visits during treatment.

Maintenance and dealing with complications that arise

The implant result is precisely the same teeth as the original ones. Because of it, many considerations are kept in mind before the structure fixes into the jaws. There is a need for lots of care so that the tooth size is not incorrect and can easily adjust in the mouth. There is also a chance of some complication, so every step needs proper planning; else, at the end of treatment, the patient would be waiting to treat the problems. Proper care and maintenance are especially required at every stage of implant, which adds to its cost.

Special skills needed

A particular skill set is needed to carry the procedure, which requires extra education, training, and expertise at work. Every practitioner can’t perform an implant, but only the one that has skills for it. Hence the knowledge and experience of the doctor add up to the amount.
So if you want to know why dental implants are so expensive, the following are a few reasons that add to its cost.

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