What to eat after tooth extraction

It is not always possible to save natural teeth. However, that is the priority. Tooth extraction occurs only if there is no chance left for the tooth to heal, and it has been permanently damaged. Reasons can be many, including oral infections, crowded teeth, damages or accidents, or gum diseases. The procedure does not take much time; however, it is essential to know what to eat after tooth extraction. If you don’t take proper oral care, it can result in complications and further problems. Hence it is advisable to have a list of items you can have for the next few days after your removal until your gums heal back to normal.

Choice of foods

Have soft food that doesn’t require much chewing. Following are a few suggestions that are healthy, tasty, and will fill your appetite.

Dairy products
Milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt, and cottage cheese are healthy choices. They will strengthen your bones and fulfill your dietary requirements. Ice cream is also a suitable option; many prefer this sweet treat after tooth removal. However, make sure the flavor doesn’t have nuts or crispy chunks. The same goes with milkshakes; select the smooth and blended types of your favorite flavor.

Gelatin and pudding
These also don’t require much biting and chewing, have it in small quantities, and are easily digested. It is safe to have after the extraction; you can top off your pudding with few soft fruits in small sizes if you like. Though take care, it doesn’t touch the gum from where the tooth is extracted.

It is unnecessary to have it; however, patients who get nausea after tooth extraction find it relaxing. The taste can soothe your taste buds, reduce the sedation effect, and make you feel energetic. But don’t bite or suck it; just lick and have the taste.

Soft and boiled veggies and fruits
Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Having a boiled potato with some cottage cheese is a good filling meal. Just mesh it well so that it doesn’t need biting or chewing. Fruits such as bananas, peaches, avocados, and mango are also easy to eat and fill up your appetite.

Flavored milk
Milk is an excellent alternative for many foods. You can add any flavor of your choice; most people prefer adding in chocolate as it energizes them for the day. Chocolate milk is a great and rich source of calcium, protein, and other essential minerals. However, drink it with the cup and don’t use a straw. Sucking any beverage using a straw is not recommended after tooth extraction.

Scrambled eggs or oatmeal
This is an excellent combination of breakfast; it is healthy, and many prefer it. However, try to eat it from the opposite side of the extraction to avoid any complications.

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