What May Cause Jawbone Pain After Tooth Extraction

A dental patient fears the post-treatment pain the most. If the pain comes as a surprise in some other part of the mouth, then it disappoints even more. There may be a couple of reactions after the surgery of the tooth. One of the reactions may include severe pain in the jaw. Most of the time, pain in the jaw occurs due to wisdom tooth extraction. The pain may occur as a trauma to the mouth. The jawbone pain after a tooth extraction is not easy to deal with, specifically when it hurts badly and affects the entire body. This is because the tissues tear apart and may expand the bone of the jaw. This may cause them to swell.

Stuck Jaw

The stuck jaw may also cause jawbone pain after tooth extraction. It may be a result of jawbone injury too. If the dentist gives an injection after the surgery, then an; as a result, it may also cause the jaw to lock. Sometimes, the locked jaw is the reason for a dry socket in the mouth. A dry socket develops when the blood does not flow to the mouth.

Treatment and Precautions

The dentists advise to eat soft foods and rinse the mouth after every few hours with saltwater. Similarly, the application of ice helps to ease the pain. It needs medical attention and surgical care at the earliest. Therefore, medications must be taken to ease the pain if icing doesn’t work as well. Antibiotics help too if there is an infection of the mouth.


With proper attention, the individual may recover from jawbone pain after tooth extraction. It takes approximately 2-3 days for the swelling to pass away. The individual can get back to performing the normal activities post the treatment. However, if the problem persists, prefer contacting Cypress Smiles Dental to get proper treatment. You can also call us on 281-206-0100 for more information.

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