What are Crossbite Teeth | How to Fix a Crossbite?

Teeth unalignment is a problem some people face in their early teens. However, no other kind of teeth alignment is more frustrating and challenging than crossbite teeth. Just like other teeth’ unalignment conditions, crossbites also have varying degrees. Some people who have a crossbite live with this condition without any problems. Slight crossbite is not an issue for many people, but severe crossbite can cause many complications.

If you have any problems with your teeth alignment, you should visit your dentist. The more you ignore the issue, the more it will grow. The condition may cause problems during adulthood, but its causes start during childhood. Regular dental checkups for your child will help you identify any problems and fix them early. The best solution for any dental issue is care and prevention. Therefore never skip your or your child’s dentist appointments.

What is a Crossbite

In a crossbite, either all the teeth or some teeth go out of alignment. These out-of-alignment teeth cause problems for each other. They either diverge from or converge into each other instead of being straight like they should be. This is a condition in which one unaligned tooth can cause all your other teeth to go astray.

These crossbite teeth can also deform in severe conditions. They may become pointy and irritate the inner lips or gums. They can become loose or hurt while you chew. This condition can also damage your smile and confidence, as these teeth tend to discolor and give the look of a deformed smile.

Causes of Crossbite

Excessive Pacifier Use

It can be an issue if your child uses a pacifier well over two years old. On the other hand, excessive thumb sucking can also cause the same problem.


Diseases like leukemia can cause a crossbite through jaw bone deformity. Another condition that can cause crossbite is Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders. If your child develops crossbite teeth, there may be a bigger underlying cause.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing is excessively concerning as it is not natural and will cause problems in bone development. This habit causes the oxygen regulation in your body to be unnatural. As a result, it causes your facial bones to deform.

Jaw or Teeth Size

Children born with smaller jaws will have problems accommodating their teeth. On the other hand, children who have teeth bigger than their jaws will also face crossbites.

Fix a Crossbite


Braces are a fix for a lot of orthodontic problems, and they also work for crossbites. Fixing a crossbite is a lot more complex than any other orthodontic problem. The reason is that all your teeth are growing in different directions. Therefore, a dentist may have to administer multiple combinations of different dental gadgets to fix a crossbite.


Invisalign can fix crossbite but only in minor cases. Your dentist will never recommend Invisalign for severe crossbite cases.


Surgery is the quickest way to fix a crossbite. However, it is the most painful, expensive, and requires the most care. Usually, surgery is reserved for the most severe cases that can not be fixed by any other method.


If you have crossbite teeth, visiting a dentist is the only way to start fixing the problem. If you need dental experts in Cypress, Texas, please contact Cypress Smiles Dental at (281) 206-0100.

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