Veneers vs. Crowns; which one to choose

We all want great white teeth and a beautiful smile; both veneers and crowns work to improve your teeth’ physical appearance. Having the same role; when comparing veneers vs. Crown, they differ in looks and procedures. Veneers cover just the front-facing surface of the tooth, while crowns cover the whole tooth. Hence, depending on the oral needs, your practitioners will suggest the one appropriate for your teeth. Both play their individual roles and work differently in different situations.

Veneers vs. Crowns

To differentiate between them, let’s first discuss their structures. A veneer is either made of porcelain or other materials and is around 1 mm thick. It fixes only on the front surface of your teeth. On the other hand, a crown has a greater thickness of about 2 mm and covers the whole tooth. To make a crown, there is a need for metal alloys or porcelain. In a few cases, both metal and porcelain fuse together. Depending on your teeth, you have to choose one. Usually, teeth with cracks or discolor, crooked, or weak and decayed need veneers or crowns. These match perfectly to the natural color of your teeth except for metal crowns.

Fixing veneers

Preparing veneers are easier than crowns. As they fit only the front side, hence require less filing. The procedure of fixing it is simple and may require anesthesia so that it carries on smoothly. One crucial consideration to fix them is that the enamel should be healthy to support it. To set the veneers onto the teeth, the practitioner takes the following steps. First, the impression of your tooth is taken to create an exact size veneer. Till its creation, a temporary one is put on the tooth, and once ready, the permanent one takes its place. It glues with special cement that firmly fixes it. Although being durable, it is better to wear night guards if you have a habit of grinding your teeth.

Fixing crowns

To fix the crown, the tooth needs some preparation. Suppose there is some decay, initially, that requires removal before restoring the crown. To adjust it, you will need local anesthesia so that the process continues smoothly. Like veneers to fix a crown, the tooth impression is taken at first with a mold or scan to prepare the crown’s exact size. Until it’s ready, a temporary crown work. However, as soon as the permanent one is ready, it takes its place. Due to the latest technology, both placements of crowns and veneers are smooth and comfortable. However, before the procedure, the practitioner treats the decay and infections of the tooth.

Along with the differences, there are many similarities between veneers and crowns. They both fit on the tooth and return the natural look of bright white teeth. Moreover, they both need care, and you have to keep oral hygiene to keep them healthy and strong. To know more about veneers vs. Crown, contact Cypress Smiles Dental at 281.206.0100, and schedule your dental appointment.

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