Three worst drinks for your teeth

Have you ever wondered which drinks are good for you, and which are the worst? Well, maybe you have for your body, but many don’t think about it based on their teeth. While we may enjoy drinking a coca-cola once in a while, they are not as good for our teeth as they taste. Let us look at some of the worst drinks for your teeth and why you should try to avoid them.

1. Coffee

A morning must for most Americans, coffee is actually extremely harmful to healthy teeth. Coffee can cause your teeth to get stained, it can erode your enamel, and it also causes many to get a dry mouth. Coffee can get even worse if you add sugar since sugar can increase the chances of getting cavities.

Now, does this mean you should stop drinking coffee? Of course not! However, if possible, the consumption of coffee should be limited to avoid the damage coffee can cause. Avoid adding sugar, add milk to your cup of coffee to decrease the acidity, and drink plenty of water after finishing your coffee.

2. Soda

Opening a chilled soda is a favorite around the world. However, drinking that chilled beverage can have serious damage to your teeth. The carbonation, acidic content, and excess amount of sugar are the main factors that cause the damage. Enamel erodes over time due to the large levels of avid. This can lead to sensitive teeth and more vulnerably to decay. Sodas can cause dry mouth, resulting in a decrease in saliva content. Saliva acts as a coating for your teeth and gums, guarding them against harmful acids, debris, and bacteria. In addition, decay and cavities can occur due to a high level of sugar intake.

Even though diet soda is better than normal soda, they can still affect your teeth due to the acidic content and carbonation. Limit the number of sodas you drink to help protect your teeth.

3. Sports drinks

Gatorade commercials definitely show their drinks as a healthy way to replenish oneself. However, this is not the case. Acids that cause enamel weakening and sugar that can cause cavities are filled in these “healthy” drinks. In most cases, the large acid level in sports drinks is considered worst than soda when looking at the damaging effects on tooth enamel.

After working out, try hydrating yourself with a drink other than a sport one. Unless your an athlete working out like crazy, sports drinks should be avoided.

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