The do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a result of many problems. It can occur due to accidents, trauma, decays, or periodontal diseases. Being an unfortunate event, a few precautions are necessary so that your gums can heal quickly and there is no complication. Like other procedures, our mouth needs proper care; hence following these do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction will benefit your oral health.

The do’s after extraction

  • The most important thing is to rest so that the place gets some time to heal. When you are sleeping, keep your head in an upright position on the pillow. Avoid any exercise after the extraction and not be involved in physical activity for a day or two. The clot formed in your mouth needs time to heal; otherwise, bleeding may result if it opens up.
  • After the extraction, small gauze is inserted into your extraction place to stop bleeding. Ensure that it stays in place when you are advised, around half an hour or so. It stops bleeding afterward when the cloth forms give it time to heal. You might have occasional bleeding from the area, try rinsing or apply a wet tea bag. The acid in the black tea will quicken the clot formation.
  • Another way to stop bleeding is by applying ice packs. They have many benefits; ice packs reduce swelling and stop bleeding. You can use ice packs for a few minutes after even one or two hours.
  • Have warm saline rinse to clean the area and remove the presence of bacteria. However, usually, it is done after a day to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Take proper medicines as given after the extraction. These usually are pain killers and other drugs that reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. Complete the prescriptions given.
  • The don’ts after extraction

    You must avoid the following after you have your teeth extraction to prevent any oral problems.

    • Don’t smoke for the next two to three days. The chemicals in smoking are not suitable for health, and along with damaging the clot, it might form dry sockets. The chemicals in smoke lower down the healing process.
    • After the extraction, you won’t be able to eat solid food. Try having soft alternatives. You can have a soft and liquid diet that is healthy and good for your oral health. Biting hard food will damage the clot and cause other significant problems.
    • Don’t take aspirin as it thins the blood and may lead to bleeding in the mouth. Talk to your oral healthcare provider about the medicines to take.
    • Never use a straw to suck up beverages as it damages your clot. Drink liquids directly from the cup taking small sips. Also, don’t take too hot or spicy food as it reacts in the mouth, causing oral problems.

    Following these do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction will speed the healing process, and you can continue with your usual routine in a few days. For more information, contact Cypress Smiles Dental. Call us at 281.206.0100 to schedule your appointment.

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