Take Care of Emergency Dental Care with Your Dentist

The hospital emergency room is the place most people think of going when they experience any kind of health emergency. This is as it should be for most emergencies of that sort; however, for emergency dental care, most hospitals are ill equipped to adequately treat and resolve the problem. Emergency dental care at a hospital often consists of pain management and doctor’s orders to check in with your dentist as soon as possible.

Getting Appropriate Dental Care

The majority of dental emergencies have to do with an infected tooth. The swelling and pain that comes from an abscessed tooth can be so excruciating, it causes people to seek emergency dental care. Such care is needed because the infection could spread to the blood system if not handled promptly. Your dentist is equipped to make the best decision on how to treat the emergency. There are usually treatment options, but the determination can only be made after a thorough examination of the involved site.

When a tooth is loosened or knocked out, proper care could save it; however, that call is best made by a dentist. While your first instinct may be to make a run to the hospital emergency room, choosing to go to the dentist instead could mean the difference between saving the tooth or ending up with an artificial substitutein place of the natural tooth.

Your dentist will give you the appropriate emergency dental care you need while keeping your optimal oral health in mind. Emergency dental treatment is about pain management and more.

The Right Tools and Necessary Expertise

Another reason to let the dentist handle emergency dental care has to do with having the right tools for the job. You wouldn’t want your doctor to put a Band-Aid on an amputated finger or a surgeon to come at you with a chainsaw instead of a scalpel. Having the right tools is important for treating emergencies. Emergency dental care also requires the right tools. Having the ability to get images of the site, and the right dental instruments to resolve the problem is provided in the dental office, and will most likely not happen in the emergency room of a hospital.

Emergency Dental Care in an Appropriate Environment

Who knows better than your dental staff how to help you feel calm and at ease during this painful and stressful time? When you come to the dentist for emergency dental care, you know you are in the best hands for the situation.

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