Some Common but Important Dental Procedures

It is normal to have dental anxiety for a person who has never visited a dentist’s office. It is scary to sit in a dentist’s chair for hours keeping one’s mouth wide open in front of a stranger. But to ease your anxiety for the first visit, and for you to have a better understanding of common dental problems, here are some common dental procedures that a dentist performs while treating the patient.

Filling cavities

You may have a bacteria buildup in your mouth that may cause your tooth to decay. A decayed tooth has pits called cavities in them that need to be filled. Filling cavities is the most common procedure that a dentist performs daily.

Root canal

There are times when soft tissues inside a tooth start getting affected. The dentist then removes these tissues through a root canal procedure.

Tooth extraction

In certain cases it becomes difficult to save the affected tooth. The only solution then left is to extract the decayed tooth. A dentist after examining the condition decides whether a tooth needs an extraction or an alternate procedure can save the tooth.


To cover the gap from where the tooth is extracted, the dentists implants an artificial tooth with the help of a screw. An implant fills the gap and also helps you get an improved smile.


If any of your loved ones have lost a few or all his/her teeth, getting partial or full dentures for them proves beneficial. Dentures help to get the lost confidence back and allows a person to keep enjoying his/her favorite food.

All of the above mentioned dental procedures are very common but highly important to restore your lost smile. If you are desirous of getting more information on dental treatment, call us on 281.206.0100.

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