Root canal vs. extraction; which is a better option

Severe toothache and sensitivity usually mess up our lives. It starts with a superficial gum infection or so cold gingivitis and gradually spreads over. If you do not treat the condition in its initial phase, bacteria might travel to the tooth’s nerves, causing extreme pain and sensitivity. Choosing root canal vs. extraction depends on the amount of damage that has occurred. Generally, a root canal saves the tooth, while extraction is the last resort. So, read ahead to find out in-depth when do you require which type of treatment and why?

Root canal vs. extraction

You visit the dental clinic with your oral problem, and you have a choice to opt for either a root canal or extraction; what will you do? The following guides will help you. Remember that both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but depending on the need, make the decision.

During tooth removal, you are given anesthesia, which soothes the process. You might feel some pressure but no pain. The level varies on the position of the tooth and the root shape. Besides, in a few areas, the bones are tighter, causing a more significant jerk at the time of pull; however, it is a comfortable experience in most cases.

On the other hand, a root canal is no longer a nightmare like many of us imagine. The use of anesthesia has made it a painless and easy process. Furthermore, if the procedure is a bit complicated, higher doses are given so that the individual feels nothing and stays relaxed. Many patients tend to go to sleep and wake up after the process is complete.

Time for recovery

Extraction takes a more significant number of days in comparison with the root canal. After removal, few medicines and pain killers speed up the recovery. However, for two to three days, proper care is essential. After a few weeks of extraction, you can continue the routine diet, exercise, and routine.

Besides, after the root canal, once the swelling is gone, you can continue eating a regular diet but not too hard or sticky food. Moreover, ask the practitioner for the best advice about it. Recovery time for a root canal is shorter as compared to extraction.


As far as considering the initial cost, extraction is cheaper than the root canal. However, the situation differs depending on the position of your tooth. The cost of wisdom teeth is more due to their place and difficulty to extract. But, the cost of replacing the tooth might be higher depending on the procedure you choose.

Root canal needs a few specialized procedures and is more costly. Minute details have to be in mind. Also, you have to wear the crown after it. Hence, the cost is a combination of many factors.

So the choice of root canal vs. extraction depends on the oral conditions and the patient’s choice. Furthermore, you can take expert advice from our team at Cypress Smiles Dental, which will provide you the best advice. Contact us at 281.206.0100 to schedule your dental appointment.

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