Problem of Teeth Sensitivity to Cold after Fillings

Getting the cavities filled is the most common way to avoid dental pain. On one side where fillings rely pain, these also bring some challenges after the procedure, like teeth sensitivity to hot and cold things. It is important to know the causes of the increased sensitivity and way through which we can control it.

Complications after tooth filling

Tooth filling can relieve a person from throbbing pain. However, tooth filling may bring with itself certain challenges. The following are some of them:

Tooth sensitivity

A tooth after filling may become even more sensitive to cold and hot foods and pressure of the bite. Luckily, this pain subsides after a few weeks.

Loose filling

A tooth may start paining again after a filling if the filling cracks or becomes loose. Contact a dentist right away if you feel your filling is coming out.

Allergy to filling

Everybody does not get lucky after getting a filling. Some may develop an allergic reaction to the material used for filling the cavity. It is always good to tell your dentist about all your allergies before the procedure.

What teeth does sensitivity feel like?

A person may feel a strange temporary sensation in the tooth. You can associate it with a shock or a pain that goes away quickly—particular factors trigger sensitivity.

  • Cold food items like ice, ice cream, Popsicle, or cold beverages
  • Hot drinks like tea and coffee
  • Cold air hitting the teeth
  • Acidic food

Ways to avoid teeth sensitivity 

Feeling post filling pain is never good. Similarly, if your teeth become sensitive, you would not enjoy the pleasure of getting your teeth filled. Therefore, following simple precautions can save you from all these troubles. So avoid any food item that may trigger teeth sensitivity. Furthermore, the use of toothpaste designed for reducing sensitivity is mandatory.

If you have recently had fillings and your teeth are still paining or you have developed the sensitivity to hot or cold items, then contact Cypress Smiles Dental, and we will provide you a valid treatment. Call us on 281.206.0100 to get the necessary information.

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