Is This White Film In My Mouth Stringy Mucus?

You wake up with white stringy mucus in your mouth, a familiar feeling to find a white, film just like it is every morning. Your growing concern leads to rigorous brushing to stop it. But does it? You are full of questions about the white patches in your mouth, and we are here to answer them.

What is this white stuff in your mouth? What are the reasons for this issue, and most importantly, is there any way to stop it from happening?

White Stringy Mucus In Mouth – What Is It?

This white film in your mouth is basically a condition called oral thrush. It’s an infection that occurs after candida Albicans overload. This fungus is naturally occurring in the body. Under normal physiological conditions, the bacteria in your mouth keep their quantity in control. However, in certain circumstances like taking an antibacterial drug can cause disruption in the process.

A few common causes of oral thrush are:

  • Lack of oral hygiene
  • Stress
  • HIV
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Hormonal changes from pregnancy

Basically, this change in the immune system lets the yeast grow. Being a dark and damp environment, your mouth provides the ideal conditions for its multiplication. The fungus can often spread to other body parts in patients with cancer and HIV if its treatment is not done quiclkly.

How To Get Rid Of White Tongue?

If the white stringy stuff in your mouth is coming off, use a toothbrush to scrape off the mucus from it gently. If oral thrush is the reason why you’re your tongue or gums have a white film, then antifungals can help get rid of this.

How To Stop White Stringy Mucus Growing In Mouth?

We have already mentioned about the importance of brushing and flossing and oral thrush. Next, it is also very important to go for regular checkups with your dentist so that they can perform professional cleaning of your mouth. This may help treat any underlying reason for oral thrush.

However, you must make sure that you take proper treatment for any chronic health issues that you might be suffering from. Some of the conditions like HIV, cancer, and diabetes medications can cause dry mouth and oral thrush as a side effects.

If you have the habit of using antibacterial mouthwashes quite often, it may help if you limit their use for the time being. Using them more than 2 times a day or letting them stay in your mouth for too long can upset the natural bacterial balance of your mouth.


Having a white stringy mucus dripping out of your mouth is a disgusting feeling. It is better not to let the condition linger on and get rid of it as soon as possible. Head to Cypress Smiles Dentalfor a checkup, visit directly, or call at 281 206 0100 for more information.

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