Is a root canal in children necessary?

Often parents worry if their child has to have a root canal treatment. The name strikes fear in children; however, it is not that scary. Root Canal is one of the best solutions for saving natural teeth and removing decay and infection. Children have milk teeth replaced within a few years; hence a root canal will treat them instead of extracting. Generally, it is good to bring children to the dentist once their first tooth erupts or complete the first 12 months. Regular checkups will prevent tooth decays, but the dentist suggests something is wrong with the tooth that needs treatment. So, is a root canal in children safe and the best solutions, let’s find it out.
What happens when a child loses a tooth?

Teeth are essential; even if one of them is lost, the others will suffer. In children without good teeth, their speech development will not be accurate, and the surrounding teeth and jaws will misalign. There is a chance that misalignment continues in a permanent set of teeth; hence it is better to treat it. If the cavity spreads in adults and children, causing infection and damaging the tooth inside, a root canal is needed. However, at its starting stage, a regular dental filling or dental crown would have done the work. So, a routine checkup is necessary for everyone.

Root canal in children won’t hurt, but toothaches do!

The kids will suffer from toothache and sensitivity if they have tooth decay or gum disease. A root canal is a simple procedure; it removes the infected pulp. Blood vessels, tissues, and nerves surround the pulp due to which the infection causes toothache. The use of sedation makes the process easier and comfortable. In the next few days, your child can continue with the same routine. Your child’s teeth won’t repair themselves; no parent would like to stop their children from having their favorite treats like ice creams or popsicles due to toothache. Hence the treatment is the easiest way out.

How to prepare the child?

Before the root canal, parents have to prepare their children for it and try to remove the fear if they have. They can explain the process in easy terms to make it less horrifying by discussing its importance. The child might feel scared, so be careful with the selection of words. Talk about the use of medicines that will make it pain-free and comfortable for them. There is a chance of taking a child’s X-ray before the treatment to determine the exact location for treatment and see the shape and size. However, cases vary, and whatever is best is done. During the process, giving anesthesia provides relief, and antibiotics will prevent further pain and spread of infection.

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