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You brush your teeth with your toothbrush twice a day; hence chances are you are letting external objects enter your mouth twice a day. Have you ever thought about what happens to your oral health if your toothbrush isn’t clean? Hence checking the condition of your toothbrush holder is very important.

Research has proven that at least sixty to sixty-five percent of toothbrush holders have mold; yeast; and other substances growing on them. That is becuase toothbrush holder is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

If you want to keep your oral health safe and protected, you need to take certain measures, first of which would be to make sure that you never share your toothbrush nor your toothbrush holder with anyone else. If someone uses your toothbrush, the bacteria from their mouth will latch onto the toothbrush, eventually infecting the toothbrush holder and contaminating it.

Make it a habit to wash your hand before you brush your teeth. Your hands may have come in contact with a surface laced with bacteria. In order to make sure that the bacteria does not enter your mouth, wash your hands prior to brushing your teeth. After brushing your teeth, remember to remove any debris of food stuck between the bristles. Such debris is loaded with bacteria.

Bacteria are often found in damp places that are enclosed and filled with moisture. Store your toothbrush in a dry place instead, and make sure that you dry your toothbrush before placing it there.

Most importantly, never fail to replace your toothbrush every three months. If the bristles on the toothbrush get bent, frayed, or broken, then change your toothbrush immediately.

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