How to Get Rid of Bruise on Gums

Our gums are sensitive, and what’s worse is that we mostly neglect them because of which we often tend to bruise our gums. Bruises on gums are for real and vary in color. They can be purple, dark red, black or brown. Sometimes the bruises can have minor bleeding too. Many reasons can cause the gum to bruise. A few of which are mentioned below.

Flossing the teeth

Flossing the teeth in itself is not a problem. It helps to remove any food particles stuck between the teeth. So, if a person flosses too hard, then it may damage the gums leading to a bruise on gums.

Food with sharp edges

Any food with sharp edges can hurt our gums. Such food is crunchy chicken. We all love munching crunchy food, but our gums sure dread the feel of it. The super crispy chicken leg can hurt the gum. Moreover, the sharpness of it can cause bruises in your mouth. Besides the crispy chicken, many other types of food have sharp edges and can lead to bruising.

Falling on the face

Something as dreadful as falling on the face cannot just break our teeth but also cause a bruise on gums. While cycling or running, if a person trips by some object and falls on his/her face, then they can damage their mouth. This usually happens to children who put huge stress on their parents.


At last, teething is also a factor that contributes to the bruising of gums. In babies, bruises can develop during the time of teething. However, the intensity varies from baby to baby. Therefore, consulting a pediatrician is the way to go in such a scenario.

The bruise on gums usually heals by itself. However, prolonged bruises should be treated. For minor bruises, one can rinse the mouth with salt water, use a warm compress or drink warm herbal teas. Furthermore, if bruises develop on their own and you have no idea what caused them, then it is advisable to treat the bruised gums. Visit a dentist like Cypress Smiles Dental to get appropriate treatment. Also, call us on 281.206.0100 for more information on how to get rid of spots on gums.

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