How long does a root canal take?

Each one of us has a challenging routine to catch up, complete daily tasks, deal with children, fulfill work commitments, and much more. Hence, people visiting dental clinics often ask how long a root canal can take to plan their schedules accordingly. The time varies depending on the tooth placement and the severity of the decay, but estimating it takes around 1-2 hours. Read the article to know more about the procedure and how it treats oral conditions.

Root canal treatment

The root canal is present in the pulp cavity and contains pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. During the treatment, the tissues having decay are removed and replaced. Moreover, the process eliminates bacteria and prevents them from spreading further ahead. In simple words, it removes the infected pulp from your mouth. Hence, the process can save your tooth from extraction if done at the right time. The need for it arises in the following conditions:

  • The tooth is spoil or damages due to any reason
  • A crack or chip tooth
  • Tooth has deep dental cavities or is abrasive
  • Poor oral hygiene or unhealthy lifestyle
  • The tooth has undergone several dental procedures

Signs and symptoms of infection

You will know that you have to have a root canal in the following conditions

  • There is an inflammation or swelling in the gums
  • Severe tooth pain that you frequently experience along with hypersensitivity
  • They become tender when you bite from the side that has an infection
  • The tooth loses its shine and becomes discolored
  • A lump forms on the gums

These might be a few warnings; for more information, talk to the oral practitioner to get the right advice. In many cases, severe pain and sensitivity lead the person to visit the clinic for treatment. Hence, whatever is the cause, Cypress Smiles Dental is glad to assist and treat all types of oral health problems.

How long does a root canal last?

Thanks to technological advancements, all dental procedures are much easily and quickly done nowadays. In most situations, the root canal is done in one visit. The patient has to plan out a day and take some time out for the treatment and rest after it. In simple cases, it takes around half to one hour for the procedure. However, if the damage is severe, the infection spreads and creates complications; it might take up to 90 minutes. For more precise information, you should talk to the practitioner. The exact timings depend on various factors, including the position of your teeth, the timing for which you can keep it wide open, its anatomy, and the tooth’s strength.

The whole procedure is safe and effective, and the use of sedation makes it comfortable. Few people often have a dangerous misconception of a root canal. The patient relaxes on the chair while the doctors do their work.

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