How long does a deep cleaning take, and what to expect?

If you suddenly notice that one of your teeth is giving you a hard time, either you are having pain or seeing a few drops of blood dripping out? What would be your immediate reaction? Although you take care of your oral hygiene and strictly follow brushing and flossing routine, the teeth are still bothering you. There is a chance of having gum disease; visiting the dental clinic for checkups will give a clear explanation of your problem. You might have to undergo deep dental cleaning to clear away the oral infection that is progressing. This news might be shocking; however, you can get rid of it. But, how long does a deep cleaning take? Read along to find out.

Dental deep cleaning 

Gum disease is one of the common problems arising today; deep cleaning is one way to stop its spread. The bacteria build up plaque and tartar around the gums and teeth that cause infection, swelling, and bleeding leading to gum diseases. During a deep cleaning, the tooth’s inner sides are cleaned to clear away all these oral problems; furthermore, it stops the spread of gum disease to other areas inside the mouth. The process takes time as it is not just general scrubbing, but involves removing bacteria and tartar.

Does deep cleaning cure gingivitis?

Deep cleaning treats various conditions; one such is gingivitis, as it is one of the mildest forms of gum disease. The cleaning away of bacteria and mild infection from the tooth and gums will relieve the oral problem. In the case, if the depth increases beyond the average level between gums and teeth due to the plaque, deep cleaning will work. It clears the plaque so that further it does not build infections. Therefore, a particular condition does not turn more severe. As far as the pain is concerned, it depends entirely on the plaque buildup on the teeth. The process is not painful; however, the patient might feel vibrations and pressure due to the tools used.

How long does a deep cleaning take?

Similarly, the time taken varies. More the plaque and tartar, deep cleaning takes more significant time. During the process, deep sockets inside the mouth need inspection and cleaning, which might cause a bit of discomfort and pain with slight bleeding. Though the procedure is entirely safe, and the medicines and lotion soothe the area. Water cleans the leftover debris around the teeth, and then the plaque is easily removed using dental tools. There is a possibility that the procedure requires more than one sitting; it depends on oral condition.

What to expect after a deep dental cleaning?

Immediately after deep cleaning, there is a possibility that you face discomfort and sensitivity around your teeth. Even a few experience minor bleeding; however, with time, conditions get back to normal. Regularly rinsing your mouth with salt water helps, and brush gently as the gums need time to heal and normalize. Do you want to know how long a deep cleaning will take in your case, contact Cypress Smiles Dental? Call us at 281-206-0100 to schedule your appointment.

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