How Long Can You Go With a Look Bracket of Your Braces?

If you have braces, you already know how painful it is to get them. But imagine the pain if your braces bracket glue came off, snapping it open in half. Or perhaps rather than it breaking open, maybe the bracket is wiggling, loosened from its place.

So, how long can you go with a loose bracket? Should you rush over and inform your dentist? Or should you wait? — Before you spiral down in a frenzy, let’s find out whether or not a loose bracket is a dental emergency.

Should I Worry About a Loose Bracket?

Yes. If the bracket of your dental braces comes loose, it will have to be tightened. Otherwise, it could set off your entire progress.

Since the brackets and metal wire help to reposition your teeth, if either one of them starts to slip from its position, it could negatively impact the rest of the teeth. For instance, if only one tooth isn’t being shifted from its place, the other teeth will also not reposition correctly.

In fact, it might lead to severe repercussions if not taken care of in time.

How Long Can You Go With A Loose Bracket?

A loose bracket can withstand being left alone for a week at most. Even if there’s no pain or discomfort around the tooth, it’s best to get it tightened as soon as you can.

You can leave it as it is for a few days, but do not postpone for more than a week. This is because once the other teeth start to reposition, they will not be able to move freely. That is to say, you won’t be seeing any fruitful results.

However, if you’re experiencing pain or pressure in your teeth, contact your orthodontist immediately.

What Causes Your Brace Bracket To Come Loose?

Braces are very fragile. You have to be extra careful with what you put in your mouth. This is why maintaining your diet is so important with dental braces so as not to break them.

Nevertheless, here are the common culprits behind the braces’ bracket coming loose or snapping apart:

  • Biting down on hard foods like ice, candy, nuts, etc.
  • Suffering from an accidental fall or facial trauma.
  • Accidentally biting down on the lower braces.
  • Biting fingernails.
  • Neglecting to care for your oral hygiene.
  • Chewing on the back of pens or pencils.
  • Low bond strength.

What Should You Do In Case of a Loose Bracket?

Despite your instincts, do not panic. If you’re dealing with a loose bracket, here are some steps you need to take in the initial phase:

  1. Rinse and gargle your mouth with a saltwater solution.
  2. Apply orthodontic wax if the bracket is rubbing against your cheek, gums, or lips.
  3. If the wire has broken or is poking out, gently press it back toward your teeth with a cotton swab.
  4. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

When to Seek Help

If the wire and bracket of your braces come loose, don’t worry. On average, you can go as long as a week with a loose bracket. But try your best not to delay any further than that. Instead, contact your dentist immediately.

If the brackets of your braces keep coming off or breaking apart, reach out to Cypress Smiles Dental at (281) 206-0100 at once. You can also visit our dental clinic at 13203 Fry Rd Ste 500, Cypress, TX 77433. It’s right next to Texas Children’s Pediatrics.

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