Here Is What You Should Know About Permanent Dentures

Do You Know What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial sets of teeth (single or more) that your dentist will place in your mouth when it is time to replace your natural teeth. But did you know that dentures come in two different types:

Permanent Dentures: these dentures, once fixed in your mouth, cannot be removed, and they are mostly designed to replace all your teeth.
Partial Dentures: These are removable dentures designed to replace some of your teeth and keep the rest intact.

But when it comes to choosing dentures, here is what you should consider:

Type Of Denture Which Is Best For You

The options here are simple. If only four to five teeth remain in your mouth, you should speak to your dentist to remove them so your dentist can place a permanently fitted denture in your mouth. This will be a quicker and easier process for you; you won’t even have to bear a lot of pain when the dentist is pulling out your teeth. On the other hand, if your dentist tells you that more than half of your teeth are in good condition, the best option is to go ahead with a partial denture. You will be able to remove it when needed and not have to bear any teeth removal pain.

Go Permanent Dentures Last Forever?

If you take care of your teeth, the chances are that your permanent dentures last forever. Upon every visit, your dentist will examine your denture and adjust it accordingly.

Maintaining Your Dentures?

It is very easy to clean and maintain your dentures. If they are partial dentures, you can remove them at night and keep them in water mixed with a cleaning agent. But on the other hand, because you can’t remove permanent at night, you need to brush and floss them properly.

How Much Do They Cost?

The prices of dentures broadly vary depending on different factors. i.e., The type of material, number os teeth, if it’s a permanent or partial denture, etc.

What’s Their Comfort Level?

You may feel weird when fixing dentures in your mouth for the first time, but you will feel better down the line. And after a few days, you will not even realize that you are wearing dentures. That is because your teeth are connected to the gums and brain via nerves; primarily used to communicate between them.

What Is Our Conclusion?

Based on the above, the best option is to go ahead with permanent dentures. That is because of their durability and don’t have the risk of falling out. If you have got some missed teeth, visit Cypress Smiles Dental and speak to our specialists. They will first examine your mouth, take the necessary X-Rays and conclude on the time of denture you require. They will suggest you go ahead with permanent dentures or partial dentures. Call us at (281)-206-0100 to book your appointment with one of our top specialists.

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