Do The Cracks In Your Tongue Bother You?

Nobody likes seeing cracks in the tongue every time you stick them out. However, if you do, then you fall in the category of that 5% of people from the US who fall under the category of having fissured tongue.

These cracks are usually painless and not dangerous since they are not contagious and present with no other signs or symptoms.

A tongue crack is a benign condition. The tongue has deep or shallow horizontal cuts that are also called as pits or grooves. This condition is scientifically known as lingua plicata. Go through this blog for more details regarding cuts on the tongue.

Symptoms That Come With Cracks in Tongue

You may not see any other lingering signs and symptoms other than the appearance of cuts and grooves when you have fissured tongue. The cut is mostly visible in the middle portion but may grow on the edges as well.

The depth may vary from person to person. It is where the debris accumulates; that is why soft brushing of the tongue is necessary for those people.

Fissured Tongue – Causes

There is no fixed reason for this to happen. However, certain conditions may link to this issue either directly or directly

Improper oral hygiene

This issue is linked toimproper cleaning of the teeth and also increases the cracks on the tongue surface.

Sjogren’s syndrome

Presents itself with mouth dryness or xerostomia as a symptom. Lack of moisture on the tongue surface is the reason why cuts or cracks appear on the tongue.

Nutritional deficiency

People that are malnourished have tongue cracks that may or may not be painful. This problem is prevalent in people who suffer from B vitamins, zinc or iron deficiencies. Luckily, external supplements are great for treating all of these issues.


Itis a skin disorder that makes it red and patchy, which encompasses the body.

Can You Fix Cracks In Tongue Anyway?

Mostly, no treatment is necessary for treating cracks in the tongue. It shows no symptoms other than grooves on the tongue surface.

However, people with tongue fissures do face one issue, and that is debris and bacterial buildup. And, if no proper deep cleaning is done, it results in irrationality and moves on to an infection, bad mouth odor and tooth decay.


Regularly visit to the dentist are better for longer maintenance of oral cavity health. Additionally, it is helpful in the early detection of the diseases with their treatment. Cracks on the tongue have no symptoms as such; there is still a possibility of a burning feeling when you eat acidic content foods. Having troubles in your tongue? Get in touch with an affordable dentist fromCypress Smiles Dental. Call now at 281 206 0100.

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