Different ways to protect yourself from COVID-19

“Wear a mask at all times, especially when going into crowds and other highly populated areas.” “If you have to go to a supermarket or appliance store, wear a mask and gloves as the virus can travel from any surface to your skin.” “Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others, as the Coronavirus can even spread through microparticle droplets.” We have consistently heard these things only, and while they are necessary, there are other small things we can do that can help to ensure that neither ourselves nor any of our loved ones can ever contract or even give the coronavirus to another. After reading this, ensure to always follow government protocol and regulations, and stay up to date with the CDC and the latest on the Coronavirus.

There are many ways to help lower the chance of getting COVID-19:

1.   Congregate in small groups, or even better, do not congregate at all

  • We are humans, and humans need interaction with their own kind. We have seen that during quarantine, it is nearly impossible to be satisfied with staying home and doing nothing. If it is necessary, gather in groups of no more than 10 people, as that will allow everyone to be able to maintain a distance of 6 feet between each other. Of course, if you have the will power, stay at home at all times, as that will cause contracting the coronavirus to a slim to none chance.


2.  Try avoiding places that have lots of people at the same time

  • This is seen in grocery stores, and almost everywhere were going inside and shopping is still allowed. It is not possible to never run out of supplies, so, if need be to go to a supermarket, try to go at non-peak hours when very few people are there. For example, Costco’s non-peak hours are during the weekdays between 10-12 pm. Avoid going on the weekends, as most people shop during their days off of work

While these are very mini acts, they have been shown to save many lives and decrease the chance of attaining the Coronavirus. Stay safe, and hopefully following applying these acts will help to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and sound from the dread which has approached us.


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