Did You Know The Connection Between Dental Cleanings And Pregnancy

A lot is going on your mind when you’re going to get pregnant because this will be a completely different experience for you. From the changes in your body to taking care of your baby, did you know that there is a deep connection between your dental cleanings and pregnancy?

Here are some things for you to know.

Visit Your Dentist For A Dental Checkup Right At The Begining Of Your Pregnancy

The moment you learn that you’re pregnant, immediately see your dentist. They will examine your mouth and recommend if you need an oral care plan to identify any potential dental issues you may experience during your pregnancy. With anesthesia, surgery, and medication involved, it’s best to have it done now rather than waiting for later. And if you need to undergo treatment, it’s better to have it done right now.

There Is A Risk For Oral Health Issues

Pregnancy leads to changes in your hormones which can lead to oral health issues. We’ve seen pregnant women experience gum disease, tooth decay, and many similar oral issues. Also, if you have an unidentified oral problem, morning sickness and vomiting can increase the effects, making the problem worse for you, so it’s better to prevent it than cure it.

Your Health Is Most Important

With pregnancy, there is a risk of many other health issues, and as mentioned, your health is the most important. Although you can treat illnesses, they can leave complications that can also affect your baby’s health. But by taking preventive measures, you can prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

It Is Safe To Have Your Teeth Cleaned During Pregnancy

You will hear people say that you do not undergo any dental treatment when you’re pregnant because they can lead to complications, but a regular tooth cleaning session is completely safe. On the other hand, you must have your teeth cleaned during pregnancy.

During your visit, your dentist will check your pregnancy status and if you need any medication. They usually will not have to undergo any invasive procedure as long as it becomes critical and life-threatening.

Because dental cleanings and pregnancy are connected, you know the importance of a healthy mouth during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, visit Cypress Smiles Dental for a dental check-up so you can have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. We had a lot of moms-to-be visit our specialists for guidance and dental assistance when they were pregnant, and they have had a healthy baby, so you can too. Call us at 281.206.0100 to learn more about our offerings.

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