How To Determine If You Need Emergency Dental Care

Most injuries to teeth or gums can wait until you are able to make an appointment with your dentist. However, there are cases when injuries will require emergency dental care. Delaying treatment in the event of an emergency may exacerbate the injury or leave you in severe discomfort and pain.

Severe Tooth Damage

Severe tooth damage occurs when a large section of the tooth is broken, or the nerve has been damaged in some way. Similarly, if the entire tooth has come out, it is time to seek emergency dental care.

If the tooth is intact you may be able to reinsert it into the socket. However, you should still seek emergency dental care. If the tooth is still loose, you could end up swallowing it. If you are not able to reinsert the tooth, make sure it is clean and stored in milk until you can get to the dental practice.

You should also make sure that the wound is kept clean and avoid eating until you have visited the dentist. A clean, damp compressed cloth or gauze will help stop any bleeding. However, you should never use cotton wool to plug a bleeding socket.

Tooth and Gum Pain

Tooth and gum pain can arise out of nowhere. The cause of the pain could be an abscess or a similar dental problem. This kind of pain is often so severe that you won’t be able to eat, drink or sleep during the night.

An ice pack will help ease the pain in the short term. You can also use over-the-counter pain medications, such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen, to help reduce the pain while you wait to see your dentist.

If you are suffering from inexplicable pain in your teeth or gums, contact Cypress Smiles Dental and speak to a member of our team. We understand that there are times when our patients will require emergency dental care. Therefore, we have appointment times that are specifically set aside for emergencies.

Emergency Dental Care for Children

If your child has suffered a tooth injury or is complaining of severe pain, you should speak to your dentist right away. We will always try our best to provide quick appointments for our younger patients because we understand the stress and worry parents experience when a child is in pain.

Our emergency appointments are conducted in a caring, professional manner. When you come to our office, our expert team members will take care of all your needs. So, if you think you are in need of emergency dental care, contact us today for an appointment.


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