When Are Crowns the Best Option?

Crowns in Texas aren’t just for beauty queens! In certain situations crowning a tooth means the difference between keeping your full, natural smile, ending up with a “window” in your smile, or a dental appliance of some type to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. How do you know when a crown is your best option? Read on for more information and remember, only your dentist knows for certain the viability of the teeth and whether or not your best options are crowns. Cypress Smiles Dental is your place to go for guidance on all matters regarding your oral health.

What is a Dental Crown?

The part of your tooth above the gum line is called the crown of the tooth. This is the hardest part of your tooth. In fact, the enamel, which is the outside covering of your tooth, is the hardest substance in your body, including your bones. Consequently, your teeth are able to withstand tons of pressure on a regular basis. When a tooth is weakened in some way, due to disease, decay or damage, it is susceptible to breakage. A dental crown is a device that fits over the tooth to protect it in the same way your natural enamel protects your tooth.

Dental crowns are manufactured from various materials: metal alloys, stainless steel, gold alloys, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, or resin. Each type has its advantages. Stainless steel crowns are mostly used for children whose baby teeth need protection until the permanent teeth erupt. Porcelain, ceramic, and resin crowns are among the most popular for adults due to their natural-looking appearance. These types of crowns look and feel like your natural tooth.

Broken or Damaged Teeth

When a tooth is broken, having it examined as soon as possible is vital. Some breaks can be repaired by bonding the broken parts together again. For example, if you chip a front tooth and save the part that was chipped off, your dentist may be able to reattach it to the main tooth with a special bonding agent. In other situations, the tooth may be salvageable but damaged enough that without the protection it could sustain further damage. In this situation, your dentist would most likely recommend that you consider getting a crown for the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Many people don’t realize that Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is sometimes the only way to save an infected tooth. When a tooth has sustained damage so that the pulp or nerve center of the tooth is exposed, or when decay has attacked the pulp, RCT may be the one procedure that can prevent total loss of the tooth. Once RCT is completed, the tooth is essentially dead. The nerves have been removed, the root canal completely cleaned out, sterilized, and sealed off. It no longer receives nourishment from the body and therefore can become brittle and vulnerable to damage. This does not happen overnight of course, but rather over a period of time. Teeth weakened by RCT are best protected with dental crowns. Cypress Smiles Dental provides you with the protection weak teeth require.

Badly Discolored or Misshaped Teeth

Medications, naturally fluoridated water, illness, and other sources can lead to badly discolored teeth. Sometimes a tooth can erupt and have an odd shape but otherwise be a functional tooth. It is not unusual to have such teeth crowned. The aesthetics of perfectly shaped teeth with nice, natural coloring is appealing to the eye and enhances one’s smile. When professionally whitening your teeth does not provide the results you would like to see,you may want to consider crowns. Cypress Smiles Dental has dentists that are happy to consult with you about the best way to achieve your very best smile.

For Beautiful Crowns, Cypress Smiles Dental Is Your Best Option

Our dentists have the expertise and skill to create dental crowns that can hardly be distinguished from your natural teeth. Perhaps you’ve seen dental crowns that appear bulky and fake. We take pride in providing our patients with dental crowns that are comfortable in their mouths and pleasing to the eye.

Make your appointment with us today to find out more about dental crowns. Whether for protection or aesthetics, for the prettiest crowns in Texas, you’ll want to call Cypress Smiles Dental.

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