Cavity vs. Stain, the difference

Our smile is the first and the most critical impression we give to others. Brushing twice a day is essential to maintain clean and bright teeth. We often become tense if we notice the whiteness fading away and start to wonder about the causes. Differentiating between a cavity vs. a stain, what could it be? Although differentiation is difficult, a cavity and stain are two different things.


Merely explaining, a cavity is a spot on the tooth that may be sticky while a stain is due to the beverages or food we eat. Eating sugary and starchy food can cause tooth stains, leading to decays. Keeping proper oral hygiene is a must while eating such foods to avoid plaque buildup. A plaque forms tartar, which is a hard layer not easily removable.


Having a cavity is very different from a stain. A cavity causes a toothache, sensitivity, or holes in the teeth. Regularly having a toothache is not acceptable and needs dental examination to find out the causes. Sensitivity is also caused by a tooth cavity. In a few cases, teeth can get tiny holes that the dentist picks up during an inspection. Once more, it is due to the cavity present in the tooth and requires immediate attention.

The need for dental assistance 

Other tooth problems that a cavity can cause includes bad breath, a foul taste, or the chalky white spots visible on the teeth. People with cavities complain that they get a nasty taste even while eating their favorite food, enjoying their favored drinks, and smoking cigars. Cavities also cause bleeding in the gums, especially while brushing. It affects the nerves by irritating them. Treatment is necessary; otherwise, it will travel deep down the roots.

Hence, knowing about a cavity vs. a stain is necessary to take care of the teeth, gums, and oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups keep the teeth healthy and clean. To schedule your appointment for a dental checkup, contact Cypress Smiles Dental at 281.206.0100 .

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