Can You Get Braces While Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Are you expecting? With a new baby on the way, you likely have a lot on your mind. Amidst all the preparations, you might have wondered about orthodontic treatment. Is it safe to get braces while pregnant? Let’s find more about this topic and we will provide you with expert advice on the matter.

Is Getting Braces Safe During Pregnancy?

Rest assured, opting for braces won’t pose any risks to your pregnancy. Both you and your baby can safely go through the process. 

The necessity for orthodontic treatment is primarily determined by the condition of your teeth, irrespective of pregnancy. 

However, it’s advisable to have dental X-rays done before conceiving to avoid any exposure to radiation. If X-rays are necessary during pregnancy, your orthodontist can employ protective measures to ensure the safety of your baby.

Why Consider Braces During Pregnancy?

Getting braces while pregnant presents a practical advantage—you can attend your orthodontic appointments without worrying about your newborn. Additionally, pregnancy can cause hormonal fluctuations that may affect the positioning of your teeth. Thus, it’s an opportune time to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Things to Consider When Wearing Braces During Pregnancy

While braces are generally safe during pregnancy, there are a few side effects to be mindful of:

  • Increased Gum Inflammation: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to swollen gums and heightened sensitivity, potentially causing irritation between the gums and braces. Maintaining a robust oral hygiene routine can mitigate this risk.
  • Morning Sickness: The acid from stomach bile during morning sickness can erode teeth, including the metal components of braces. Managing morning sickness symptoms and maintaining good oral hygiene are crucial.
  • Tooth Decay: Pregnancy can cause dry mouth due to decreased saliva production, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Maintaining hydration and regular dental check-ups are essential.

Tips for Dental Care During Pregnancy

To minimize the impact of these side effects, follow these tips:

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing: Establish a thorough oral hygiene routine, including brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily and flossing once a day.
  • Avoid Damaging Foods: Opt for nutritious foods that won’t harm your braces, and steer clear of sticky or hard foods.
  • Manage Sensitivity: Be mindful of heightened sensitivity and use painkillers as needed to alleviate discomfort.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment during pregnancy, there are alternatives to traditional braces that you can explore:

  • Invisalign Treatment: These clear aligners offer a discreet way to straighten teeth and typically require a shorter treatment duration than traditional braces.
  • Lingual and Incognito Braces: Placed behind the teeth, these braces provide a less visible option for orthodontic treatment.

How We Can Assist You

At Cypress Smiles Dental, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments tailored to your needs, even during pregnancy. Our team of experts can guide you through the process and ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. Receiving orthodontic treatment while pregnant is not only safe but also a practical choice for maintaining your dental health amidst the excitement of impending motherhood. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or call us at (281) 206-0100.

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