Can You Eat Popcorn With Braces on; Is it Possible?

Watching and enjoying a movie at the theatre without a popcorn bag seems to be incomplete, but can you eat popcorn with braces? Certainly not, it is one of the worst choices, and there is a big chance that you break the brackets. However, a healthy choice, the teens who wear braces, have to compromise for a few years of their life to get perfectly straight teeth. But don‘t worry as the results are worth the wait. Braces won’t only improve oral health but align the teeth properly according to the individual’s bite. The process is long but gives long-lasting results. Read along the following blog to determine why popcorn is not suitable for braces and what alternatives are available.

Can you eat popcorn with braces?

Popcorns that are eaten with the braces can result in discomfort and pain for a much longer time. If the kernels get stuck between the teeth by chance, removing them is one of the most challenging tasks. Even the people have to bear it for days until their dental checkup. It easily sticks onto the wires of braces at unwanted places and gradually causes pain and irritation. To imagine, consider the effort that you need to put to loosen a piece of Kernel entangled in a bunch of wires and not able to escape. Similar is this situation, so braces and popcorns will never go together.

I ate popcorn with braces

Although eating popcorn with braces can result in much pain and discomfort, for those who cannot resist it for two to three years or until they have braces following tips can help. Besides, be careful that these might be helpful, but there is still a chance of discomfort.

  • Do not overcook the kernels and try to have them soft
  • Eat very slowly and be exceptionally careful to avoid them sticking onto the wires in braces
  • Do not skip brushing, and floss regularly to clean away the small pieces fixed in between the teeth

But it is always better not to take chances and control the inner cravings. You can always discuss this before getting the braces.

Can you snack with braces? 

Other alternatives are available that can fulfill your cravings, and they are plentiful and tasty. The options will not fix between the teeth but are healthy. These include small pieces of soft fruits and veggies, custard, or crackers. Next time brace wearer can have a bowl of sweet strawberries with chocolate sauce while watching a movie. The combination is excellent to fulfill the cravings.

Initial days with braces are challenging, but slowly the patient becomes used to it and doesn’t find it hard to handle. Besides, teens who plan to improve their facial look and smile do not mind making different diet plans for a few years. So, can you eat popcorn with braces? It is better not to have it and find a replacement. Are you planning to have a great smile with straight teeth? Call Cypress Smiles Dental Call us at 281-206-0100 to schedule your appointment.

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