Big Smiles Are Made with Orthodontics in Texas

Smiles are contagious and beautiful smiles are appealing. When your teeth are misaligned or crooked, you may have a tendency to downplay your smile. Some people hardly smile at all because they are not happy with how their teeth look. With orthodontics in Texas, you can smile as big as you want showing beautiful, straight teeth.

Orthodontic Procedures to Fit You

There used to be only one way of straightening teeth. It meant a mouth full of metal bands, brackets and wires. It was an unsightly way to create a beautiful smile. It was also uncomfortable and inconvenient. Today orthodontics in Texas provides patients with alternatives to the full metal treatment.

There are less conspicuous methods of straightening teeth. There are fashionable braces or nearly invisible braces available for those who need the more traditional method. For those who have minor misalignment, there are clear aligners. This system uses clear plastic inserts to gently move the teeth in place.

Straighten Your Smile Easily with Orthodontics in Texas

An exam and consultation with your dentist will determine which orthodontic treatment is best suited for your particular case. The dentist will evaluate how much movement needs to take place in order for the teeth to line up in the best position for function and esthetics. An assessment also needs to be made regarding the severity of misalignment.

Traditional Braces with a New Flair

Severely crooked teeth may need to go the more traditional route. Severe misalignment of molars usually needs to be corrected with traditional braces. There are systems which use clear brackets and tooth colored wires instead of the traditional silver colored wires. These systems, though not invisible, are less obvious than the metal gear of yesteryear.

Clear Aligners

The clear aligners used for orthodontics in Texas make straightening your teeth very easy. They are barely visible at all. The aligners are worn all the time but taken out for eating and brushing and flossing your teeth. You will get a new set every two weeks. Your teeth move into position a little at a time, but the process usually does not last any longer than traditional braces. In some cases the treatment time is considerably less than that of standard systems.

If you have teeth that need to be straightened, contact Cypress Smiles Dental. Your oral health is our top priority. We can help you get that beautiful smile and restore optimum oral health. Schedule your appointment for orthodontics in Texas today.

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