Are Veneers a Permanent Fix? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Are Veneers a Permanent Fix? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrity and wondered how they maintain such a beautiful smile? What’s the secret behind their gorgeous pearly whites? Look no further because we’ll be breaking it all down for you. As the saying goes, a smile is the best accessory you can wear. But if someone is shy or riddled with anxiety, then what? Well, in that case, cosmetic dentistry comes into play! For example, Veneers. But are veneers permanent, or does your smile need to have a touch-up every now and then?

What Are Veneers?

If you’re wondering what even are veneers? Well, we’ve got you covered.
Veneers are these shell-like caps that cover your teeth. They act as an armor and make your fragile teeth even stronger than before. All your insecurities and imperfections get instantly covered up with these beautifully symmetrical dental caps.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Even though veneers enhance your smile and confidence, the question remains; Are Veneers long-lasting?
Well, yes and no. The answer depends on how you take care of them afterward. Usually, dental veneers are permanent – or rather, semi-permanent. Ranging anywhere from 7 to 20 years, they can last for quite a long time. The difference may seem huge, but it all depends on post-surgery care. Your oral hygiene, like brushing teeth and flossing every day, comes into account. This is especially when the longevity of your veneers is considered.

What is it Like to Get Veneers?

Getting veneers is all fun and games until you realize that you need to have your teeth shaved down. Trimming the natural enamel of your teeth is an essential part of getting a veneer. This allows the dental shell to stick to your teeth better and easily hug onto its surroundings.

However, if the idea of your teeth being shaved down scares you, quell your fear! This procedure is the most important one. It makes it so that your veneers remain super secure. They add to your smile and confidence. Not to mention, it’s a pretty cost-effective treatment.

If Veneers Are Permanent, You Don’t Need to Have Them Replaced … Right?

Since you now know what a veneer is, its lifespan, and its permanency, it’s time to find out more. What if, down the line, you get bored of your veneers and wish to take them out? Well, the answer is: you can’t.

Once you get veneers, you cannot undo the process. This is because your teeth cannot grow back into their original shape once they get filed down. Nonetheless, if down the road you damage your veneer, that is, it breaks down or comes loose, then you can go in for a replacement.

However, not having your veneers replaced when you lose them can put your teeth at a greater risk. Without their shielding power, your skinned-up teeth could be more susceptible to gum disease or infection. Make sure; in any such case, you get your veneers instantly replaced.

In The End,

Although the idea of cosmetic surgery may seem intimidating, it is anything but. After all, that is exactly what your favorite celebrity hides behind their sealed lips. So, if you were wondering whether or not veneers are permanent, you now know! Just remember to brush your teeth two times a day and floss daily. This will ensure that your dental shells remain in place for a long time.
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