A Cypress Smiles Dental Can Save You Money

Whether you are new to the Cypress area or a lifelong resident, Cypress Smiles Dental can save you money. One of the biggest concerns many families have is keeping dental costs to a minimum. By visiting Cypress Smiles Dental, you can keep your family’s oral health care in good condition and take advantage of new patient specials.

Routine Dental Exams Can Save Money

Avoiding dental visits can be detrimental to your oral health and wallet. Visiting your Cypress Smiles Dental can ensure that any oral health issues are caught early. Cavities can be painful, and left untreated could result in tooth loss or a major infection. Brushing and flossing after meals can help prevent cavities. Adding a plaque-fighting mouthwash is also a great way to keep your teeth happy and healthy. By encouraging good oral health care habits at home, you can save money on costlier dental procedures that stem from poor oral hygiene.

Use Your Dental Insurance Wisely

Many dental insurance providers offer standard dental plans that include and encourage preventive dental care. Maximizing your dental insurance can also ensure you receive the care you need while utilizing the benefits under the plan. Other options can include working with your Cypress Smiles Dental to identify a payment plan. Taking advantage of new patient specials can also help keep dental costs to a minimum.

More Than Just a Cleaning

When you visit a Cypress Smiles Dental your visit includes more than just a professional cleaning. A routine exam consists of looking for signs of decay, examining the gums while looking for signs of gum disease, checking for teeth that have become loose, addressing issues such as TMJ or teeth grinding, and x-rays to examine the health of your teeth. These preventative measures can offer peace-of-mind for future dental care issues.


Texas Premier always welcomes new patients. Take advantage of new patient specials by calling today to schedule an appointment. If you are searching for a family-friendly dental provider in Cypress call Texas Premier today.

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